Particleboards are refined chipboards covered with melamine foil in a desired colour shade or wooden decor. For finishing the edges, we use ABS edge bandings in the colour shade of the particleboard. Furniture made of particleboards is more economical, yet it still ensures quality and durability of the product.

Solid wood

Solid wood is a natural material. We offer wood from most of the known tree species. Solid wood is mostly used for the fabrication of stairs, decorative pillars and the frames of furniture doors with fillers.

Kitchen countertops

Kitchen countertops are available in various types. They differ in thickness, fabrication and material. In any case, they have to be made of resistant materials. Commercially manufactured countertops usually measure 30 – 40mm in thickness. They are laminated with Ultrapas laminate and the centre is made of chipboard.


Mediapan is a medium-density fibre (MDF) board, made of wood fibres with the addition of resin. This is a high-quality board. In the furniture industry, MDF mediapan is commonly used for the production of bathroom and kitchen furniture, as well as other furniture, in particular its doors.


Glass is used for the production of furniture doors, wall coverings above the lower row of kitchen units, protection of countertops or as a working surface in the kitchen or bathroom. Glass can be transparent, tinted or enriched with photo wallpaper.

Furniture hardware

Furniture handles can be made from various materials. These include metal, plastics and wood. We offer various accessories for your drawers and cabinets, such as drawer compartments, baskets and lights for kitchen cabinets etc.

Household appliances

We offer a wide selection of household appliances made by Gorenje. If you decide to order household appliances along with kitchen units, we will ensure you get them at a more favourable price.


HOMAG offers industrial standards for a craft price with their new series of CNC machines BMG 300 Venture. This stable and heavy machine with a moving gantry forms the optimum basis for all three versions of the BMG 300 Venture machine. The woodworker has an excellent insight into the machine, while its dynamic alternating field size enables him to trim products up to 1,550mm in width.


This integral solution for CNC processing, inclusive of lamination, enables the woodworker to produce furniture and interior fittings on an individual basis. With its powerful 4-axle motor of 15kW and with fluid cooling, the Venture 313 is a striking machine combination.

It is equipped with a large drilling head with 35 spindles and a magazine with 26 slots for tools and aggregates. Edging of curved products with edge bandings up to 2mm in thickness and up to 60mm in height is child’s play with the easyEdge aggregate. The use of the fifth axle with the FLEX5+ aggregate additionally enables processing at any angle.

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